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"Lampley's insightful and thought-provoking writings promise to leave an indelible mark on readers and establish him as a rising star
in the world of literature."

Steven David Lampley is a distinguished bestselling author whose remarkable literary prowess is deeply rooted in his extensive background as a police officer and undercover SVU (Special Victims Unit) detective. With an unparalleled ability to read situations and people, Lampley's writing is infused with insights drawn from his multifaceted experiences in law enforcement, making him a phenomenal storyteller.

Lampley's journey as a police officer spans over two decades, during which he navigated the intricacies of human behavior across a diverse spectrum of situations. As an undercover SVU detective, he delved into the darkest corners of society, often encountering individuals and families in their most vulnerable moments. This firsthand exposure to the full spectrum of human emotions, from the depths of despair to the heights of joy, provided Lampley with a unique lens through which to view and interpret the human condition.

What sets Lampley apart is his innate ability to read people and situations, a skill honed by years of practical experience. His capacity to empathize and connect with individuals from all walks of life enriched his understanding of their struggles, hopes, and fears. Lampley's uncanny intuition allowed him to delve beyond the surface, uncovering the hidden layers of each story he encountered.

These profound insights from his law enforcement career serve as the cornerstone of Lampley's success as a bestselling author. His writing exudes authenticity, as he masterfully weaves complex characters and intricate plots that mirror the complexities of real life. Whether he's exploring tales of resilience, redemption, or the human capacity to overcome adversity, Lampley's narratives resonate deeply with readers due to their genuine portrayal of the human experience.

Lampley's remarkable ability to craft riveting stories is grounded in his intimate knowledge of the human psyche. His characters are not merely fictional constructs but rather reflections of the diverse individuals and families he encountered throughout his law enforcement career. By drawing on his experiences of witnessing both the horrors and triumphs of human existence, Lampley breathes life into his writing, making it relatable, poignant, and emotionally resonant.

Steven David Lampley's status as a bestselling author is a testament to his extraordinary journey as a police officer and undercover SVU detective. His remarkable ability to read situations and people, honed through years of experience, imbues his writing with authenticity and depth. Lampley's work stands as a testament to the power of storytelling rooted in real-life observations, creating a bridge between the pages of his books and the intricate tapestry of the human soul.

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now available

Steven David Lampley is a published bestselling author and poet who brings a rare and invaluable perspective to his work. 


His 21 years as a police officer have not only equipped him with a unique vantage point on the human experience but have also fueled his ability to translate that experience into powerful, resonant prose and poetry.

Lampley's work serves as a testament to the depth of human emotions and the universality of the human spirit, making him a compelling voice in contemporary literature.


"In "From the Raven's Brother," the masterful storytelling of bestselling author Steven David Lampley takes readers on an enthralling journey through the depths of life's shadows, only to emerge into the light of triumph. This literary masterpiece delves into darkish themes, exploring life's manifold toils and troubles, while simultaneously weaving a narrative of resilience and victory that resonates with the human spirit.

"Lampley's prose possesses an enchanting quality that draws readers into a world tinged with the mysterious and the melancholic. With every turn of the page, the narrative unravels layers of complexity, delving into the struggles faced in life and painting a vivid portrait of our internal battles. From the depths of despair to the heights of redemption, the journey undertaken mirrors the profound journey of the reader's own emotions.

"At the heart of the book lies a testament to the indomitable strength of the human soul. Through trials that echo with the toll of reality, "From the Raven's Brother" underscores the transformative power of perseverance. Lampley's book is an embodiment of the universal struggles that define the human experience. Lampley takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster, allowing them to traverse the

peaks and valleys of life.

"In true Lampley fashion, the book is meticulously crafted, with intricate layers that unveil themselves at just the right moments. The author's ability to seamlessly intertwine darkness and hope creates a narrative that captures the essence of life's complexities. As readers navigate through the shadows, they are met with moments of brilliance that pierce through the gloom, painting a picture of

triumph against all odds.

""From the Raven's Brother" is a tour de force that lingers in the mind long after the final page is turned. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is a glimmer of light waiting to guide us through. Lampley's evocative pen, enriched by his profound insight into life's mysteries, solidifies his place as a literary luminary. This book is not just a narrative; it is a journey that every reader should embark upon, a journey that leads to the discovery of hope amidst the shadows."


Lampley's latest books truly captivate his readers with his exquisite use of Victorian language. Lampley's adeptness in weaving this eloquent language into his narratives adds an enchanting layer of depth and authenticity to his storytelling. It's as though he has masterfully transported readers to a bygone era, where every phrase and expression resonates with the charm and grace of the Victorian period.

Lampley's utilization of this language isn't merely for aesthetic purposes; it serves to enhance the overall experience of his stories. Through his choice of words and phrases, he effortlessly paints vivid scenes and evokes powerful emotions. His ability to seamlessly blend the modern with the Victorian creates a unique and immersive literary atmosphere that I find utterly enthralling.

Furthermore, it's evident that Lampley's meticulous research and genuine passion for this era shine through in every page. His dedication to authenticity lends an air of credibility to his narratives, making them all the more engrossing. As a reader, I feel not only entertained but also educated about the Victorian era's nuances and intricacies.

In a literary landscape where originality can be scarce, Steven David Lampley's incorporation of Victorian language is a breath of fresh air. His commitment to his craft and his readers is evident, and I eagerly await each new release that promises both an engaging tale and a linguistic journey back in time. Kudos to Lampley for his ingenious use of language, which elevates his storytelling to an

unparalleled level of excellence.

"Through his books, Lampley ignites a curiosity for the human condition."

"A master of narrative artistry, Lampley paints emotions

with his prose."

his writing

Author Steven David Lampley possesses a remarkable ability to forge connections with readers through his written works that delve into the

complexities of the real world.


His narratives are like windows into the human experience, allowing us to peer into the struggles, triumphs, and emotions that shape our lives.


Lampley's authenticity shines through as he draws from his own background as a police officer and undercover SVU detective, infusing his stories with a level of realism that resonates deeply. Through his writing, he bridges the gap between

fiction and reality, touching hearts and minds alike.


Lampley's words are a testament to his capacity to spark reflection, empathy, and understanding among his readers, making his literary contributions a source of

insight and connection in an ever-changing world.

"Steven David Lampley unveils

the unseen, inviting us to

explore the depths of

human emotions."

"In Lampley's books, every page is a journey into

the human psyche, expertly navigated

through his storytelling."

coming december 2023
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Steven David Lampley is not only a bestselling author but also a published poet, making him a versatile and gifted writer worth watching closely.


His unique ability to seamlessly blend powerful storytelling with profound insights sets him apart in the literary world.


With a growing body of work that captivates readers across various genres, Lampley is undeniably an up-and-coming writer whose talent demands our attention.

With each new publication, Lampley continues to demonstrate his exceptional ability to delve into the depths of the human experience and deliver profound insights that resonate deeply with readers.


The premise of "Misunderstood" is both intriguing and timely. In a world where communication often falls short and genuine understanding can feel elusive, Lampley's exploration of why you feel misunderstood promises to be a transformative journey. His unique background and extensive research in the fields of psychology and human behavior make him a trusted guide in navigating the complexities of human perception and connection.

What sets Lampley apart as a best-selling author is not only his expertise but also his remarkable writing skills. He has an uncanny ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and compassion, making his work accessible to a wide range of readers.


"Misunderstood" is sure to be a compelling and thought-provoking read that offers both solace and enlightenment to those who have grappled with feeling unseen or unheard.

Steven David Lampley's upcoming book, "Misunderstood," is poised to be a beacon of insight and empathy.

"With each story, Lampley extends an invitation to explore the corners of our souls, guided by his expert pen.  His literary voice a beacon of authenticity, resonating with readers seeking narratives that mirror reality.

steven david lampley author
other books
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Steven is a Number One Best Selling Author and many of his other books are top ten best selling books in the fields of psychological and medical forensics as well as true crime and psychology.

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coming 2024
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Steven's first foray into crime fiction is TWO DAYS, being released late 2024.  This will be the very first book in a new series of DETECTIVE LOGAN CASH psychological serial killer novels.

"This book has more twists and turns than an old back-woods country road."

Predicted to come in at approximately 750 pages and based on real life psychological and serial killer profiling, readers might wish to invest in a night light for comfort!

"As real as it gets without having to be in the investigation and on the crime scene!"

"Through his books,Steven David Lampley bridges the gap between reality and fiction, creating a realm all his own."

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