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true crime, steven david lampley



True Crime


Forensic Psychology

True Crime
Multiple Five Star Rated
An Amazon Best Selling Author

Steven's insights from having spent 21-years in law enforcement and undercover as an SVU detective.  His quotes, thoughts, and poems are insightful and his take on life and growing older are real and relatable. 

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true crime, steven david lampley

"A well-regarded former detective." 

Nancy Grace

OXYGEN Channel

FOX Nation


“Steven is quite the storyteller.  He has a talent for writing, filling the reader with emotion.  You'll leave inspired. Get ready for the ride.”
                                                          Marlena Smith

                                                            The Life I Live

“Steven does a masterful job of, not only taking us onto the beat and streets with him, but finding gems of life-truths that we can take away from his war stories.  May all of us learn them well.”
                                                                   Troy King

                                      Alabama Attorney General


*Because of special processing and handling, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Plus S&H.  USA orders only.

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