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Steven David Lampley is an exceptional writer.  With numerous true crime books under his hand and a Number One Best Seller.  His background lends greatly to his impacting books, having been a police officer and undercover SVU detective for twenty-one years working in a city ranked Number Three in violent crime by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mr. Lampley is a noted speaker, filling up convention centers and theaters - standing room only - across the United States, and is known the world-over for his lectures of such topics as Human Decomposition and Homicide Investigations, Entomology and Human Decomposition, Serial Killer Profiling, Detecting Deception and Lying, Powers of Observation, and other forensic, crime, and psychological lectures.  He is a writer for the leading psychological magazine in the world, Psychology Today, and a prior contributor to Death Investigator Magazine and Law Enforcement Today.  Mr. Lampley has appeared on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace over seventy-five times!

Nancy Grace, the Queen of True Crime and seen on networks such as
FOX and Oxygen, says of Steven,
"He is a well-respected former SVU detective."

William T. Gaut, PhD, and Deputy Chief (Retired), Homicide Division,
Birmingham Police Department, relates,
"His skills place him in the "cream of the crop" category."

Perhaps you have seen one of Mr. Lampley's actual cases on networks such as Investigation Discovery, Discovery, TruTV, FOX, or maybe you read of one of his cases in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, Tuscaloosa Times, or maybe even WIkipedia.

He is the negotiating and arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer, a serial killer featured on FOX's America's Most Wanted.  He was also a serial killer profiler on the Atlanta Homeless Killer case.

Some of his previous true crime books include, Outside Your Door, The Dahmer Book, 12 and Murdered, Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, and Three Blocks: The True Story of the Cold Case Abduction and Murder of Dorothy Ann Distelhurst.
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Steven is a Number One Best Selling Author and many of his other books are top ten best selling books in the fields of psychological and medical forensics as well as true crime and psychology!

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Steven's first foray into crime fiction is TWO DAYS, being released late 2023.  This will be the very first book in a new series of DETECTIVE LOGAN CASH psychological serial killer novels.

"This book has more twists and turns than an old back-woods country road."

Predicted to come in at approximately 750 pages and based on real life psychological and serial killer profiling, readers might wish to invest in a night light for comfort!

"As real as it gets without having to be in the investigation and on the crime scene!"

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"How to Catch a Liar, run by an ex-detective [Steven David Lampley], drew almost a thousand people in a standing-room-only ballroom, significantly larger than the organizers had anticipated."
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"The audience at this one were, notepads out, scribbling notes furiously, quite literally on the edge of their seats!"
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Known worldwide for his keynote speeches, lectures and training seminars of, How to Catch a Liar, Steven fills venues with standing room only audiences!

Nancy Grace, of Crime Stories with Nancy Grace on FOX Nation and Sirius Radio, says of Steven,
"He has all of this forensic knowledge and he can take that information and relay it in a
way anybody can understand."

In his high demand sessions, he provides intricate, actionable, and powerful information to help attendees begin to be able to pick out lies and deception.

Steven covers a plethora of topics including differences in lying between men and women, verbal indicators, physical indicators, and combination indicators.  He discusses behavioral pauses, eye shift, base shift, Duchennic and non-Duchennic Smiles, autonomic nerve responses, clusters and timing, and a wealth of other topics including how to properly assess what is seen to determine if, indeed, it is a lie.

One of Steven's examples is that one can have two different people and both reply with the exact same answer, but one can be lying and the other is telling the truth.  How do you know?  Steven tells you in this life-changing session.
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All speaking and appearance inquiries are handled through Steven's speaker's bureau, ENGAGE.


Steven does not accept cases from individuals and primarily investigates cold cases that he comes across on his own.  Any consultation on any case that he may accept must come through an attorney or state licensed, reputable private investigator and a $10,000 retainer is required.

Currently, Steven is investigating two cold cases, both from Nashville, Tennessee. 

One of these cases is from 1934 and is the abduction and murder of Dorothy Ann Distelhurst.  Dorothy was abducted while she was walking home from kindergarten in East Nashville.  She was found, buried in the flower bed of a local hospital with her face burned off by acid.  A new suspect (deceased) has been developed in this case

The other case is that of the abduction, torture, and murder of Kathy Jones from 1969, also in East Nashville.  Kathy was on her way to Krispy Kreme and then to go skating after the doughnut stop.  She never made it to either location.  Her nude, lifeless body was discovered a few days later in a weeded field behind Krispy Kreme on Thompson Lane.  Several unreported crimes have been uncovered as well as a new suspect.


Steven typically accepts lecture invitations at colleges, universities, and crime and forensic organizations and associations on an honorarium basis.

Occasionally, he lectures through his own educational venue, The Oliphant Institute.  These lectures and classes are typically done on an on-demand basis.

Some of the lectures Steven presents are

Human Decomposition and Homicide Investigation

Serial Killer Profiling (101 and 102)

Human Decomposition and Entomology

Powers of Observation

How to Catch a Liar



Police Academy
Birmingham Police Department

Field Training Officer
Birmingham Police Academy

Firearms Instructor
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Police Combat Competition Shooting Team

Police RADAR Instructor

Traffic Homicide Investigator

Captain Quality Control Board

Riot Team Member

Police Reserve Officer Administrator

Arson Investigations
Henry Lee Institute of Forensics
New Haven, Connecticut

Undercover SVU Detective
Human Trafficking / Child Pornography

Police Vehicle Evaluation Committee

FEMA National Training & Education
Emergency Operation Center and Incident Command Operations

Police Officer of the Year
Two Awards
Cold Case Investigator

Serial Killer Profiler

Visiting Faculty
Department of Forensics
Vinayaka Missions University

Conference Board Member
International Association of
Scientists & Researchers

Former Host
Crime & Forensics
NBC News Affiliate KKNW

Former Corporate Security Training Officer
Wackenhut Global Security

Corporate Liaision
Department of Homeland Security

Former Writer
Psychology Today
Death Investigator Magazine
Law Enforcement Today

Regular Guest
Crime Stories with Nancy Grace
(Seventy-four appearances)
FOX Nation and Sirius Radio


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