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 A ninety minute class discussing the misconceptions most people have regarding detecting lies; the verbal, physical, and combination indicators of lying; and the assessment and evaluation procedures needed to properly process the observed indicators of lying.  
This is the same program presented in Nashville, Chicago, and New Orleans to packed audiences.  The presentation in Nashville drew so many attendees that it had to be moved from the Washing Conference Room at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center, into the Presidential Ballroom!
You have seen it in The New York Times, The Telegraph in London, and The Crime Sheet!
Learning the skillset of picking out lies and deception is a life-changing skill that empowers!
Learn how to identify lies and deception!
"Almost one thousand people in a standing room only ballroom!"
The New York Times
"Quite literally on the edge of their seats!"
The Telegraph, London
Get the upper hand, the advantage, in business!
This is the exact same information Steven covers in his standing-room-only keynote, on-stage programs across the country.
He explains the misconceptions a lot of people have regarding how to pick out a liar. For instance, most people, 73 percent, believe that when people won't look them in their eyes, that they are lying to them!  NOT TRUE!  
Some believe that if someone has their arms crossed that they have something to hide and are lying.  NOT TRUE! Steven explains in detail why these are can be fake indicators!
He also discusses the various verbal, physical, and combination indicators of lying as well as the necessary assessment techniques necessary to evaluate these indicators.  
As Steven explains in this session, you can learn all of the indicators and still be horribly inaccurate in detecting lies and deception if you do not know how to assess and evaluate the indicators you see!  
For instance, there can be two people and both of them rubbing their necks.  One is lying and the other is telling the truth! How do you know which is which?  That's the purpose of knowing how to assess what you see!
This is a powerful training session that provides amazing information on how to pick out lies and deception!
Contact us now to schedule a date and time for you and your people to attend this amazing LIVE online session!
Taught by Steven Lampley, renowned former police detective and the negotiating and
arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer, serial killer featured on America's Most Wanted®!  
You have seen some of the cases on which Steven worked on such media as Investigation
Discovery®, TruTV®, FOX®, the Discovery Channel®, The New York Times®, Los Angeles
Times®, San Diego Union Tribune®, Tuscaloosa Times®, and others!
Steven is now a multi-published author, regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, writer for PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, and contributing writer for Death Investigator Magazine and Law Enforcement Today magazine.
Change the business game in your favor!
Let's do this!  The best 90-minutes you may ever spend in class!
Online classes offered upon request.

AS    S E E N    I N 

"He can take that information and relay it in a way anybody can understand."

Nancy Grace


Oxygen Channel

"His skills place him in the "cream of the

crop" category!"

William T. Gaut, PhD

Deputy Chief (RET)

Homicide Division

Birmingham (AL) Police Department

"Holy crud stunk, that was useful!"

Blaine Lee Pardoe

NTY Best Selling Author

"Almost one thousand people in a standing

room only ballroom!"

New York Times

"Quite literally on the edge of their seats!"

The Telegraph (London, England)

"I specifically attended his session so that I could return to interviews featured in the NETFLIX docuseries, The Keepers

Gemma Hoskins



The Keepers

"You were awesome and the crowd loved you!"

Red Seat Ventures

New York City

"I loved Steven David Lampley's session!"

Alison Oles

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