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"His skills place him in the "cream of the crop" category."

William T. Gaut, PhD

Deputy Chief (Ret)

Homicide Division

Birmingham Police Department

"The thing I like about Steven is he can take all that information and relay it in a way anybody can understand!"

Nancy Grace

The Oxygen Channel

"Holy crud stunk, that was useful!  I went back to work and  used it on a video conference call.  It worked!  I was able to tell when people were being deceptive."

Blaine Lee Pardoe

New York Times Best Selling Author

"I specifically attended his session so that I could return to interviews featured in The Netflix docuseries The Keepers."

Gemma Hoskins



The Keepers

Taking these same, empowering skills, Steven is now making this knowledge of how to identify lies and deception as a one-on-one training and coaching session to corporate executives!
Steven spent 21-years as a police officer and undercover SVU detective utilizing the skills he teaches.  His high-profile negotiation and arrest of The Clairemont Killer, serial killer featured on America's Most Wanted, and his arrest of a Fugitive from Justice on Canada's Most Wanted are legandary in the law enforcement community.
Covered in The New York Times, The Telegraph in London, The Crime Sheet, Law Enforcement Today, and other media, Steven's program, How to Detect Lies & Deception is in high demand!
Being able to identify deception and lies is a phenomenal skillset in business and being able to learn from someone who not only teaches the art, but actually used it successfully, himself in some of the toughest situations and environments on earth.
Steven David Lampley is an expert at detecting deception and lies and is now making this same information available to you as a one-on-one executive coaching and training session.
Studies have been conducted that show the average person can only identify a fraction of the deception and lies that come their way, but with proper training, you can up that accuracy to as much as 95 percent!
This two hour empowering and game-changing, one-on-one coaching and training session is available now and the educational investment is only $9,900*.  Given the content, the return on investment can be many, many times greater than the cost!
Contact us for availability and for any questions you may have.

"You were awesome!"

Red Seat Ventures

New York City

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*Not inclusive of travel, lodging, and travel related expenses.

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