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November 29, 1969

Kathy Jones

Cold Case


"It's such an incredible thing you are doing for little Kathy.  I can't help but find a sense of sadness in that she's getting the love and attention now that she never got in her short little life."


Suzanne Faha

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Who Was
Kathy Jones?
On November 29, 1969, little 12-year-old Kathy worked hard around the house to earn a dollar to go to the skating rink with her brand new hand-me-down skates she had been given.
They were used, but to Kathy, they were the grandest things she had ever received.  She was so very happy with her skates given to her by her cousin.
You see, Kathy never knew what it was like to wear new clothes, they were all given to her, used.  She never had new clothing.  Some of her classmates I talked to from Woodbine Elementary School told me that some of the other students would make fun of her and bully her for her hand-me-down clothing.  I was told that, often, when little Kathy would go to the girl's bathroom, some of the other girls would taunt her and make fun of her, so severely as to lift her dress and laugh at the holes in her clothes.
Kathy never had much in life. In fact, her whole life, everything was stacked against this precious angel.
To most anyone, having to just live to survive would be bad enough, but for Kathy, life was so much worse!
Kathy had a "lazy eye" and the other kids in her school would make fun of her and bully her.  
Kathy took it all in stride and, while a quiet child, was always happy and had a smile on her face.  She would often go to her bedroom, close the door, and turn the radio on and sing and dance.  She tried to have a happy life.
She loved her meager life and was seldom down in spirit. Despite her many hardships, she was the shining light in her family.
Kathy finished her chores that Saturday, and with the dollar her mom gave her, was going skating and to go by the Krispy Kreme on her way to the skating rink.  She kissed her mom, thanked her for the dollar and left out the front door of her home to begin the twenty minute walk down Nolensville Road to Thompson Lane to go skating.
Kathy never made it to the skating rink.  She was abducted, brutally tortured and raped for many hours before she was horrendously murdered.  Her little lifeless body, nude, except for one Bobbie sock, left in a heavily weeded vacant field in freezing temperatures, behind the doughnut shop.  She was found with her prized skates beside her body, the skates she was so very proud to have and never had the chance to use.
Who Was
Kathy Jones Murder Nashville
What People Are Saying...

"Professionally, he is a committed and conscientious workhorse.


"In a miraculous exercise of diligence and perseverance, Steven has tracked down eye witnesses.


"His career as a police officer and an undercover SVU detective underscores his innate desire and ability to FIND THE KILLER.


"He does not stop until a cold case has new life, a suspect identified, and justice is served for our most vulnerable – children.


"Please help solve this cold case."

Judge Ashley Willcott

Certified Child Welfare Expert

Juvenile Court Judge Pro Tem

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

"His skills place him in the "cream of the crop" category."

William T. Gaut, PhD

Deputy Chief (Ret)

Homicide Division

Birmingham Police Department

"A well-regarded former detective."

Nancy Grace

FOX Nation / SIRIUS Radio

Oxygen Channel

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

"Steven Lampley has worked years as a police officer and undercover SVU detective most of his decorated career.

He is the only officer in history able to talk a serial killer into turning himself in and voluntarily walking into his

police precinct - the Clairemont Killer.

"Just recently, Steven delivered a profile of the Atlanta serial killer which helped lead to the killer's arrest.

"Though his work on taking down serial killers is just pregame for him when it comes to his work on this case,

you truly get an in-depth look into Steven's unequivocal investigative skill set.

"It is rare that I find another investigator who takes on a case and the victim’s story as much as I have on the

Toolbox Killer case. Steven is one of the rare exceptions. He not only uses his laudable investigative skills but

pulls his diehard motivation to bring justice for the victims from his own personal tragedy of losing a child.

"He truly goes above and beyond to hunt down those who commit the most heinous acts of killing an innocent child. His emotional involvement and profiling abilities would even have Sherlock Holmes himself tipping his hat,

making Steven a force de jure."

Laura Brand

"The Siren of San Quentin"

Serial Killer Expert

Forensic Psychology Practitioner


Thank you for taking the time to help in hopefully solving this cold case abduction, torture, and murder of little 12 year old Kathy Jones of the Woodbine Area of Nashville, Tennessee. Please share your information directly with Steven using the contact box below.  You may also choose to call Steven at (615) 567-3268.  When you call, leave a message and a telephone number and he will return your call.  If you had rather meet Steven at a private location, indicate that as well.  Thank you so very much for offering to help obtain justice for little Kathy.

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TELEPHONE (TIP LINE ONLY):  (615) 567-3268




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Background photo is an aerial view of where Kathy's little body was found (      ) cut, raped, nude, and left in freezing temperatures with her prized skates by her side.
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