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Evil Genius: Ted Bundy (07/13/2018)


Stand Your Ground Law. Parking Lot Shooting in Florida (08/15/2018)


Thirteen Year Old Girl, Hania Aguilar Found Dead in Pond (11/29/2019)


Teacher Kills Hubby's New Girlfriend in Front of Her Kids (12/04/2019)


Best Friend Asked Mistress to Kill Mom, Kelsey Berreth (01/10/2019)


Comatose Woman Pregnant in Nursing Home (01/21/2019)

Missing Tot Vanishes from Yard (01/24/2019)

Greedy Husband Kills Wife, Blames it on Daughter (01/28/2019)

Mom of Newborn Twins Vanishes After Night on Town with Friends (02/04/2019)

MMA Fighter Escapes Van at McDonald's (02/07/2019)

Mass Murderer James Holmes, In His Own Words (02/26/2019)


Murdered Son's Attacker Freed by Mistake (02/27/2019)


Shannon Graves Murdered, Body parts in Freezer While Look-a-Like Steals her Identity (03/21/2019)


Pediatrician Molests Dozens of Young Patients (03/26/2019)


Petite Teacher and Mom of Three Vanishes Before Mystery Texts Appear (04/04/2019)

Curious What it Would be Like to Stab Someone (04/12/2019)


“Beloved” Pediatrician Molests Dozens of Child Patients (04/16/2019)


Popular DJ Kidnaps Tot? (04/24/2019)

Teen Girl Lured by Online Sex Predator (Part One) (05/01/2019)

Teen Girl Lured by Online Sex Predator (Part Two) (05/02/2019)

Pregnant Teen Held Captive and Murdered, Boyfriend Beheaded (05/07/2019)


Mom Desperate after Son Riding Bike in Coma after Hit and Run (05/13/2019)


Infant Hurled Down Coyote Infested Ravine (05/17/2019)


Baby Ripped from Womb after Mom Lured on Facebook (05/20/2019)

Beauty Queen Mom Dead in Bathtub? Murder? (06/11/2019)


Fiancee Vanishes from Posh Mall before Wedding (06/13/2019)


Millionaire's Crazy 911 Call after Wife Vanishes (06/14/2019)

Dominican Republic Deaths  (06/27/2019)

Millionaire Murders Wife: Busted in Mexico  (08/09/2019)

Jeffrey Epstein Dead:  Suicide or Murder?  (08/12/2019)


Munchausen by Proxy.  Mom Abuses Son  (08/27/2019)

Young Girl Ripped Off Her Bicycle and Killed by Three Pit Bulldogs.  Owner Arrested  (08/28/2019)

The Suspicious Missing Person's Case of Jonelle Matthews  (08/30/2019)

Where is Alissa Turney?  Did her Stepdad Kill Her?  (09/11/2019)

Teen Uses Parents' Debit  Cards to Get Money to Hire Hit Man to Kill Them!  (09/20/2019)

Satanist Man and Girlfriend File Teeth to a Point, Murder  (10/02/2019)

New Chris Watts Admissions About His Murders of His Two Young Girls and Pregnant Wife (10/09/2019)

Who Raped and Murdered Mandy Stavik?  (10/15/2019)

Was Natalie Wood's Death, Murder?  Do Bruises Prove Domestic Abuse?  (10/31/2019)

Epstein's Victims Want Justice!  (11/05/2019)

Did Nurse Wife Kill Private Investigator Husband with Insulin?  (11/08/2019)

Young Mom, Doused with Gas, Set on Fire by Jealous Ex  (11/11/2019)

High School Student Hires Hit Man to Kill Teacher  (11/15/2019)

Missing Girl's Remains Possibly Found, Mom Attempts Suicide  (11/18/2019)

Jennifer Rothwell Dead. Husband Bought Cleaning Supplies the Day Before Reporting her Missing  (11/22/2019)


Mom and Children Murdered, Stacked in Bathtub. Who Killed This Family?  Why?  (11/25/2019)

Beauty Queen Found Dead, Rolled Up In a Tarp in Her Basement. Who Killed Melissa Sousa?  (12/02/2019)​

Three Young Children Dead in Same Home Over a Span of Two Years!  Why?  (12/11/2019)

Henry Lee Lucas, Serial Confessor, Swapping Food for Confessions.  (12/30/2019)

What Happened to Mandy Stavik?  (12/31/2019)

Why Do Women Fall in Love with Killers in Prison?  (01/03/2020)

Family Missing, Cops Smell Stench Coming From Home When Husband Answers Door  (01/20/2020)

New Developments on Missing Teen, Natalee Holloway (01/28/2020)

Michael Jackson: Superstar Pedophile, Shocking New Evidence  (01/30/2020)

Cold Blooded Killers: Inside Job Prison Escape   (04/07/2020)

Nine Year Old Girl Goes Missing from Her Bed. Diana Alvarez Remains Found  (04/14/2020)

Fort Hood Soldier Missing: Vanessa Guillen  (0429/2020)

Who Murdered Cheryl Coker?  (05/04/2020)

Jessica Chambers Burned Alive  (06/12/2020)

Body Parts Sealed in bags in Freezer.  What happened to Shannon Graves?  (06/19/2020)

Scott Peterson Double Murder Sentence Reversed  (08/25/2020)

Perv Rises from Back Seat: Mom Saves Kids  (09/30/2020)

Dead on Vacation: Don't Be a Victim  (10/02/2020)

Spoiled Brat, 28 Years Old, Dismembers Parents when Money Stops  (10/15/2020)

Evil Parents Watch Little Daughter Die of Lice Bites  (10/16/2020)

Manson Murders:  Are There More Than We Know?  (12/10/2020)

Man and Girlfriend File Teeth to a Point, Worship Satan, Dead Bodied in the Backyard  (12/31/2020)

Pop Culture Preacher Busted in Sex Affair  (02/10/2021)

Former NYPD Cop Lets Son Freeze to Death in Unheated Garage, Temperature 17 Degrees  (TBA)

Mom, Six Year Old Daughter, Murder Suicide.  Why?  (TBA)

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