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Professional Security Training


Security officers receive a great deal of training:  Firearms, Observation, Report Writing, Terrorism, Handling Difficult People, Alarm Systems,  Bombs, Client Relationships, Conducting Investigations, Ingress/Egress, and a plethora of other classes.  Classes that help prepare the officer for a successful security career.  But...

As much as these classes are vitally necessary there's something missing.  Is the information the officer getting from victims, suspects, or witnesses the truth?  Most of the time the answer has to be, "No idea!"

Unfortunately, lies and lying are rampant in enforcement and investigative fields!  We don't have to tell you that, however, you know all too well the field environment of enforcement investigations.  Well, it doesn't have to be that way!  You and your officers can have the upper-hand, the advantage, when interviewing during an investigation whether it's in the field or during formal, in-house, questioning.

Sadly, studies show that someone who has not received proper training in lie detection can only detect lies about 54 percent of the time!  Just flip a coin!  Studies also show that someone who has received proper training to detect lies can do so approximately 90 percent of the time!  Now that's a major difference!  That also equates to a major difference in accurate reports and investigations!

Isn't it time to provide your officers with this career-changing set of actionable skills?  



Steven David Lampley

Perhaps you have seen some of the cases on which Mr. Lampley worked on such television networks as Investigation Discovery, TruTV, Discovery Channel, and FOX.  You may have heard him as a regular guest and police consultant on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace or saw him at CrimeCon 2018 with the Dateline NBC Crew.

Mr. Lampley is a former 21-year career police officer and undercover SVU detective.  Mr. Lampley is the only police officer in history to negotiate with, and convince, a serial killer (The Clairemont Killer, featured on America's Most Wanted) to voluntarily walk into a police precinct where Mr. Lampley placed the killer under arrest!  He was also the arresting officer of a Fugitive from Justice on Canada's Most Wanted.

William T. Gaut, Deputy Chief (Ret), Homicide Division, Birmingham (AL) Police Department, says of Steven, "His skills place him in the "cream of the crop" category."

For two years, Steven served on staff as the corporate security training officer for the Wackenhut Corporation, Birmingham Regional Office, training security officers.

Now, using his vast experience, he provides training to security companies across America.

You can hear Mr. Lampley each week as he hosts the acclaimed Crime & Forensics radio show on NBC News Affiliate KCAA in Los Angeles and other radio stations across the country.  He is the author of six true crime books, all with Five Star Ratings and a Best Seller on Amazon.

Isn't it time you brought Mr. Lampley to your security company and provided your officers with the skills they need to detect lies and liars?

lie detection expert.  true crime radio.




lie detection expert.  true crime radio.
New Detectives.  Expert lie detector.
lie detection expert.  true crime radio.
lie detection expert.  true crime radio.
lie detection expert.  true crime radio.
lie detection expert.  true crime radio.
lie detection expert.  true crime radio.
lie detection expert.  true crime radio.
lie detection expert.  true crime radio.

How to Spot Lies & Liars

Training Program

In this training, Steven presents the required assessment skills and verbal and physical indicators necessary for a reliable lying assessment of the subject.


Mr. Lampley covers common misconceptions that most people believe indicate that a lie was told and why those indicators are false.


This in an interactive session with multiple videos and the opportunity for participants to actually pick out lies themselves.


This session is the same training program presented at CrimeCon 2018.  Originally set for the Washington Conference Room at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center, this session had to be moved into the Presidential Ballroom due to the huge number of registrants for this training session!

How to Spot Lies & Liars is a two hour block of instruction with the professional security officer in mind.

This program is available for just $499!*

*Program fee may change without notice.  Fee is based on training in the United States and training outside the country may possibly be higher.  Does not include travel and

travel related expenses.


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