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Learn from the Expert Himself!



OCTOBER 10, 2020

1:00 PM (CDT)

"He can that that information and explain that information in a

way anybody can understand."

Nancy Grace

FOX Nation, Sirius Radio


Presented By


Lie detection expert, corporate trainer, keynote speaker

Former twenty-one year career police officer and undercover SVU detective.  You may have seen some of his cases on TruTV, Investigation Discovery, FOX, The Discovery Channel, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Tuscaloosa Times, and The Gadsden Times.

He is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace on FOX Nation and Sirius radio, host of Crime & Forensics radio show on KCAA, NBC News Affiliate in Los Angeles, author, and keynote speaker and monthly contributing writer for Psychology Today!

Learn the verbal and physical indicators of lying and the proper way to apply what you see.  

One of the indicators of lying is someone scratching their nose, but two different people can scratch their nose and one is lying and the other is telling the truth!  Learn how to tell the difference!  It's NOT just as easy as watching some videos on YouTube and learning a set of lying indicators!  In fact, most people can only pick out a lie about fifty-four percent of the time without proper training!



expert lie detector, lie detection expert, true crime radio

"There is no profession that can’t benefit from detecting liars."

Sheryl McCollum


Cold Case Investigative Research Institute

“His skills place him in the cream-of-the-crop category."

William T. Gaut, PhD.

Deputy Chief, (Ret)

Homicide Division

Birmingham Police Department

expert lie detector, lie detection expert, true crime radio
oxygen channel, expert lie detector, lie detection expert, true crime radio, crimecon
crimecon, expert lie detector, lie detection expert, true crime radio

Steven presented How to Catch at CrimeCon 2018 at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, and was scheduled in the Washington Conference Room.  He had to be moved to the Presidential Ballroom due to the huge number of individuals registering for his session!   Even after being moved to the Presidential Ballroom, there was standing-room-only with 850 people seated!

Other speakers having sessions at CrimeCon were Nancy Grace (CNN, HLN, Grace & Abrams), Ashleigh Banfield (HLN), Erin Moriarty (CBS News, 48 Hours), John Kim (First 48), Keith Morrison (Dateline NBC), Josh Mankiewicz, 

(Dateline NBC), Andrea Caning (Dateline NBC), Dennis Murphy (Dateline NBC), Gemma Hoskins (NETFLIX), Lisa Zambetti (Criminal Minds), Darren Kavinoky (Investigation Discovery), Jim Clemente (Criminal Minds), and others.

expert lie detector, lie detection expert, true crime radio

"I sat in on a session by Steven David Lampley on How to Catch a Liar.  Holy crudstunk – that was useful.  Not only is it something I can use as a true crime author when I interview people – it is something I can apply in my day-job as well."

Blaine Lee Pardoe

New York Times Best Selling Author (True Crime)


So many have the opinion that if someone will not look them in their eyes, they are lying.  Unfortunately, that is not always true!

So, what are the indicators of lying?  There are many, but just knowing the indicators and not knowing how to use them, will provide you misreadings and errant information when observing for the indicators of lying.

In the How to Catch a Liar International Corporate Training Seminar, the verbal and physical indicators are taught, but so are the techniques and processes you need to know on how to interpret these indicators.

Most people believe they are pretty good at picking out lies and liars, bu the simple truth is that research shows that the average person is only able to pick out a lie about 54 percent of the time!  Heck, you might as well just flip a coin! Research also shows that someone who has received proper training in detecting lies can do so as much as 90 percent of the time!  A huge difference!

Some of the topics Steven covers are psychological and biological factors, process analysis, as well as the many verbal and physical indicators.

Steven uses videos to show the indicators and as a participant, you are shown videos where you are asked to pick out the lies.

The two-hour session provides a wealth of information on picking out lies and, while there is a lot of information, the How to Catch a Liar program is fun.  Be prepared to laugh!

expert lie detector, lie detection expert, true crime radio

I had the distinct opportunity to attend Steven David Lampley’s presentation How to Catch a Liar at CrimeCon 2018 in Nashville. Because I was also doing presentations about The Keepers, it was difficult to attend many sessions, but I made sure not to miss this one.

Lampley used humor, video clips, and his wealth of experience to engage the audience in analysis of lie detection.  I specifically attended his session so that I, myself, could return to interviews featured in The Netflix docuseries The Keepers.  I took copious notes during Lampley’s presentation and used those to analyze our suspects, survivors, detectives, police officers and attorneys in the seven episodes. 


I was fascinated to find so many of the indicators Steven demonstrated as I reviewed the individuals. I intend to delve into Lampley’s books and online information as I pursue the truth about who killed my beloved teacher, Sister Cathy Cesnik, in 1969.

Thank you, Steven David Lampley! Thank you, CrimeCon!"

Gemma Hoskins



The Keepers


Lie detection expert, expert lie detector, crimecon, true crime radio

Steven was the negotiating and arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer, serial killer featured on the hit television show, America's Most Wanted™ and the arresting officer of a Fugitive from Justice on Canada's Most Wanted.

Some of the cases on which Steven worked have been seen on New Detectives (Discovery Channel™), Unusual Suspects (Investigation Discovery™), America's

Most Wanted (FOX™), and Murder in the  Afternoon (TruTV™) and covered by the New York Times™, the Los Angeles Times™, the San Diego Union-Tribune™, the Gadsden Times™, the Tuscaloosa Times™, and various true crime books and encyclopediae.

Steven worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Justice's (DOJ) United States Attorney's Office, United States Postal Inspector's Service, (USPIS) Alabama Attorney General Troy King (2006-2011), and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

He is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace (over 60 appearances) seen on FOX Nation and heard around the world on Sirius Radio.  Steven is a writer for Psychology Today.


Founder and Director, The Liar Project

A twenty-one year police veteran and undercover SVU detective, Steven is now taking his experience of being able to pick out lies and liars across the country with his program,  How to Catch a Liar, teaching others the techniques and indicators to help pick out untruths and the people who tell them.  Steven is an author of six true crime books and the former host of Crime & Forensics radio show heard primetime each week on KCAA in Los Angeles, an NBC News Affiliate, as well as other radio stations across the country and on podcast.

expert lie detector, lie detection expert, true crime radio

"I loved Steven David Lampley's session, How to Catch a Liar."


"He was great!  It was may favorite session at CrimeCon2018."


"You ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!  You're awesome!"


"You gave out so much excellent information that I could barely scribble it all down!"


"You were awesome and the crowd loved you!"

RedSeat Ventures

New York City

CrimeCon. Crimecon 2018. Steven David Lampley lie detection expert. Steven David Lampley photo.
CrimeCon. Crimecon 2018. Steven David Lampley lie detection expert. Steven David Lampley photo.
CrimeCon.  Crimecon 2018. Steven David Lampley lie detection expert. Steven David Lampley photo.
CrimeCon, Nancy Grace, Crime Online, and Steven David Lampley

Nancy Grace, Steven David Lampley

CrimeCon. Crimecon 2018. Steven David Lampley lie detection expert. Steven David Lampley photo.

A Very Informative, but Fun, Training Seminar!  How to Catch a Liar from a Former SVU Detective!

expert lie detector, lie detection expert, true crime radio
"Thank you!! You were absolutely great!  I'm a Forensics teacher and I really enjoyed your presentation."
Jennifer S.
"Don't miss your chance to see this amazing session!"
"How to Catch a Liar with Steven David Lampley is awesome."
Emma J.
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