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This has more twists and turns than a  southern backwoods country road.

C. J. Holliday

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Background photo is from one of the scenes from the final chapter of Two Days.


ANYONE can write a thriller, but Two Days is authored by Steven David Lampley, a former SVU detective who worked the streets in a city that was ranked FIFTH in Violent Crime by the FBI. 


He mingled with the murderers and criminals. Two Days is about as real

as it gets coming from a police officer and undercover SVU detective who lived it.​​

He was the negotiating and arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer, and the arresting officer of a Fugitive from Justice on Canada's Most Wanted.

Two Days is not your typical psychological thriller, not at all.  It is written by someone who actually lived it on the job and who understands the criminal element.  Steven brings real criminal psychologies and actions to Two Days!  Fiction, yes, but it could very well be reality and in Two Days, it's hard to tell the difference between fiction and reality!

Steven received two awards for Police Officer of the Year as well as numerous departmental and civilian commendations.  While working undercover as an SVU detective, Steven worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice's United States Attorney's Office, the United States Postal Inspector's Service, and the Alabama Attorney General's Office with Troy King.

Some of the offenders Steven arrested have been featured on such television shows as Murder in the Afternoon on TruTV™, New Detectives on the Discovery Channel™, and Unusual Suspects on Investigation Discovery™ and written in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Tuscaloosa Times, and other publications.

Steven is the host of TRUE CRIME: America radio showed podcast and is the co-host of the acclaimed House of Mystery Radio show aired PRIMETIME in Los Angeles, on KCAA.  He is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, a writer for Psychology Today, and and is a contributing writer for Law Enforcement Today and Death Investigator Magazine.

Steven's other books include Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer. How to Catch a LiarOutside Your Door,  I Was the Girl, and The Dahmer Book.

Want a psychological thriller to be as real as you can get?  Here it is!

Just when you think you have it all figured out,

you don't.  I never saw this coming.

Al Anderson

Keep up with updates on the release, some behind-the-scenes photos, and be entered for a chance to win a signed, hand-numbered copy and a copy of an original autographed manuscript of the book!

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